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You can call me Phen, all my friends do.


oleandervine asked
Long time no see! So how about a MWAH, SIMILAR, and PASTTIME!

It has been a long time! 

3 people Id like to kiss. 

Jesus, Lady Gaga, aaaand I can’t think of a third. hehe 

3 members of the same sex I find attractive. 

Chris Hemsworth, is just one pretty man, Alec Balwdin is very handsome to me, and My boyfriend of course. hehe 

Three hobbies I have that I would be embarrassed to know someone discovered.

I have never been embarrassed of any hobby…I do lots of geeky things, I do lots of girly things like collect ponies and little mermaid stuff and put stickers on things but the truth is i’m proud to be a Kawaii Nerd lol 

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